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About AMC Liftboats

AMC Liftboats, Inc., is based in Golden Meadow Louisiana and operates a fleet of offshore liftboats in the offshore Gulf of Mexico oil and gas industry.

We are committed to satisfying our customers needs in a safe and timely manner with our superior services and the highest safety standards.

AMC Liftboats was established in 1979, and have over 30 years of experience, is a Veteran of the offshore marine industry operating self-elevating work boats that provide stable work platforms, crane capabilities and living accommodations for work crews performing service to offshore oil and gas production platforms.

AMC Liftboats strives to provide a workplace free of recognizable and preventable hazards. Management of AMC Liftboats believes that all employees and subcontractors, both within and outside the boundaries of the job setting, share the responsibility of accident prevention.

It is expected that every individual share accident prevention knowledge with all customers, competitors, and fellow employees for the benefit of all within the industry we participate. In order to realize these responsibilities, AMC. Liftboats has instituted a requirement for all employees and subcontractors.All individuals are to know and understand the Health, Safety, & Environmental Compliance Manual.